Free Chicken Coop Blueprints and Plans (in PDF Form)

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After a brief hiatus I am back with another post about free woodworking plans! This time it’s free chicken coop plans. If you, like me, are sick of searching high and wide for your blueprints then I’m your guy! As I’ve done all the legwork so you don’t have to. And by the way, don’t trust a simple Google search. If you do that the first result is a couple of dudes that do give away many free plans but that are clearly trying to upsell you to a paid plan instead! A $30 paid plan nonetheless! Look below for much better free options!

Before we start. If, like me, you are a busy woodworker that is sick of searching for hours just to find a decent woodworking plan, then I want to link you to my preferred pack of woodwork plans. Yes, it is something you pay for but it has literally thousands of plans in one place. Very often people are trying to sell a single woodworking plan for $15-30, but here you get over 10000 plans in a pack for around $50-60. For someone that goes through a lot of plans, this is well worth it for me and a great timesaver. Feel free to check it out HERE.

Internet Based Free Chicken Coop Blueprints

As always lets get this kicked off by using the good old world wide web to find some free plans. For long time readers of this blog you may remember Ana White, a great source of free woodworking plans that has come up trumps on many occasions. And thanks Ana White from Alaska, you have again saved the day.

She has so many free chicken coop plans in all shapes and sizes, from traditional to contemporary. And each plan is beautifully laid out with photos, cutting lists, diagrams and usually a Youtube video. This is clearly a labor of love. Here’s a couple of examples below.

As a modern option, I love the Small Modern Chicken Coop. It’s would fit in with even the most modern looking home or homestead! It looks so elegant its making me want to build one for my home! Even though I don’t keep chickens! This free plan comes with the full blueprint and all the details you need to build this particular coop. Even including the awesome video seen below:

For the more traditionalists, they also have a great (and recently updated) A-frame chicken coop design blueprint. This free plan again has all the bells and whistles as the above plan with the exception of the Youtube video.

Another thing I love about the Ana White website is the fact that they have ‘Brag Posts’ at the bottom from people that have actually used this free plan to build their chicken coop. This means that you have real evidence of how easy or hard the plan is to follow. Great!

A selection of posts from  peopel that have made a DIY chicken coop.

If you can’t find what you need over at Ana White then I do have another option, albeit not quite as glamourous and detailed as good old Ana White 🙂 There is a guy that runs a website called ‘My Outdoor Plans’ that has done a pretty good job at offering free DIY chicken coop plans or blueprints.

He has two main options that I would recommend, the regular sized chicken coop and the small chicken coop blueprint. Both are functional designs that will work but won’t exactly set your pulse racing 🙂 The blueprint is accompanied by tool lists, cutting lists and pretty decent step by step instructions. Not bad for a free woodworking plan. It’s just a shame the website is pretty horrible (at least for me) with, among other things, a tiny almost unreadable font).

A picture of a chicken coop woodwork plan.

Free Chicken Coop Blueprints on YouTube

When I moved my search across to YouTube I was disappointed to see that there was a distinct lack of free plans. Some pretty solid instructional videos but often not complimented by an actual woodworking plan or the plan is being sold for $15 on Etsy! Simply not worth it for a simple plan.

However, there was one video (shown below) that actually isn’t very helpful as an instructional video. But it did link me to a site (that looks like its from the 90’s) that does house a few solid and free chicken coop woodworking plans. It has everything that you need, as with the plans above, but the website has squashed some of the images so you will need to download them from the site to view in full and actually make out what they are trying to say!

Not necessarily a plan, but there is a decent educational video that talks you through some chicken coop design tips if you want to come up with the plan yourself 🙂 If you are a particularly creative woodworker this may be good for you 🙂 I myself will stick to the plans as I am about as creative as a door knob 🙂

As I said, Youtube doesn’t seem to be a good place for free Chicken coop woodworking plans, but there is one more video worthy of a mention. This is a video that walks us through a homesteaders journey to building their own chicken coop. Some good information within and it links to a blog post that does go into good detail about how they built the chicken coop but doesn’t constitute a traditional plan. I’m afraid this is the best Youtube can come up with when it comes to free chicken coop blueprints 🙂 The design and features of this chicken coop are at least good to know about, in case you want to integrate them into your own.

So there you have it folks, my exhaustive list of free Chicken coop plans that I could fine on the internet. It did take me a good few hours of searching and video watching, but I hope you found what you were looking for without all that hassle.

As I said above, I use a paid pack of woodworking plans that I use to take the legwork out of my woodworking hobby. Feel free to check it out HERE.

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