Need a Free Plan for a Miter Saw Table/ Stand? I’m your man.

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Are you on the lookout for a free woodworking plan or blueprint for a miter saw table? If so I am your man! I have made it my mission on this site to do the legwork, so you don’t have to. I’ve scoured the internet and found the best plans so you can spend more time drinking coffee and less time finding woodworking plans 🙂

On that note, if you are sick of spending time on plan sourcing, I will link you to my favorite pack of plans (over 10,000) that I use. Yes, it’s a paid pack, but it has everything a woodworker needs plan wise.

On to the chase for those free and well-made miter saw table plans 🙂

Free Internet Based Miter Saw Table Plans

As always, I’m starting with the plans I found on the good old World Wide Web. I thought I had struck gold with a site called The Handyman’s Daughter, as she had a lot of great information about building your own miter saw table AKA stand 🙂 However, upon deeper inspection it turns out she is selling her lovely modular saw stand at $6 a plan per module! This is exactly why I love the pack of plans I linked above. Yes, it’s $60 or so (I bought it ages ago!) but it has well over 10,000 plans. $5 a plan kinda kills me in comparison. I would still say read the blog post on The Handyman’s daughter, as she does discuss the different requirements for building a good Miter Saw Table or Stand. Although be pre-warned it contains a lot of ads!

Bring on another woman with a blog, Jaime Costiglio. If you can look past this blog’s bad design, lying underneath is a pretty decent and free Miter Saw Table plan. The actual plan can be downloaded as a PDF and the blog post itself has detailed photos of each step of the building process. As you would expect for any good woodworking plan, it also has a list of all supplies you need to build your Miter Saw Stand, table, desk, whatever you want to call it 🙂 There are several comments at the bottom of the post thanking Jaime for her plan, so this tells me the quality must be pretty good. And thankfully she isn’t asking $5-6 a pop like some others 🙂

Sadly, at this point, the plans start to get thin on the ground. What with quite a few links being dead and other sites that are pretending to have free plans but in fact don’t (that’s ten minutes of my life I’m not getting back!).

Finally, I found another plan that is worth a look from a site called OutdoorPlans (you may remember them from one or two of my other posts). Although the plans look a bit rough around the edges they are there and can be followed to make a Miter Saw Table 🙂 You may want to save the images of the plan and blow them up somehow (I mean make them bigger NOT explode them!), as they can be quite fiddly to look at. Anyway, no complaining here. We found another FREE plan 🙂

They also have another option for a simpler version of the miter saw table plan.

This is where the web based plans stopped, so lets move onto YouTube based plans as usual.

Free Youtube Based Mitre Saw Table Plans

As with the web based plans, we have quite a few videos on YouTube that do have plans, but they are paid plans sadly. Although, as with the Handyman’s Daughter website above, they are still worth watching to get some more information about the different types of miter saw tables or stations you could build. Just go elsewhere for the actual plans.

Thankfully, a Youtube channel called ‘Tylynn M‘ saved the day here. And guess what, it’s run by a woman again! What is it with women and Miter Saw Stands? Didn’t know there was a correlation 🙂 Not only is the video itself great and highly informative, it comes with a link to a blog post that puts all the ones above to shame. Sleek looking and with all the info you need, including the full plans and cut list for your miter saw station. Great job, I say. It does have a few advertisements but nothing too intrusive 🙂

Sadly, this is where the Youtube free plans end, as I instead had to wade through endless paid plans! Some for as much as $30 (you’re kidding me, right??). However, I am going to recommend one final video. Although it doesn’t have a plan per se, it does have some great instructions in the video and the table itself looks awesome. This could be used by the more experienced woodworker or just to get ideas from 🙂 There is a list of supplies used in the description at least.

So there you have it, my full list of free miter saw station/ table plans. After scouring the internet and Youtube for quite a while, I have to say it was pretty slim pickings. Again, this is why I personally prefer to buy a big pack of plans, so I never have to search for one again. Here’s a link to the plans pack I use.

Have a great day and happy woodworking!

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