How to Find Sewing Table Woodworking Plans [FOR FREE]

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Today I am going on yet another ‘epic’ woodworking plan search, but today we are looking for sewing table woodworking plans. Will this be as easy as finding grandfather clock fine woodworking plans or as hard as finding a good candy cart plan?? Let’s find out together!

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Sewing tables are a great way to organize your workspace. They can be used for a multitude of tasks like sewing, hand embroidery, and sewing machine repair. They are also practical because they provide plenty of storage. They can be used in the home as well as the office. There are a lot of different types of tables available for purchase, but fir us woodworking fans we want to make our own table from scratch.

Every woodworker wants to build a wooden table that looks beautiful, is useful, and is easy to build. The good news is that there are plenty of great looking tables that are easy and inexpensive to build. The bad news is that there is no single place to look for woodworking plans that will satisfy you. They are all over the internet, on blogs, on message boards, and in libraries.

Internet Based Sewing Table Plans

Let’s kick off this search with a good old internet search 🙂 Very early on I found a detailed and comprehensive post from Petite Modern Life talking about their journey in making their own sewing table. Although this was more of an Ikea furniture hack than a full woodworking plan!

Next up it’s Ana White to the rescue with a pretty decent sewing table plan that is adapted from their modern craft table. The plan is very detailed (including measurements and a shopping list) and will help anyone trying to make a sewing table with wood. Thanks Ana White 🙂

Technically, that last one was a craft table, but Ana White does also have a post about woodworking sewing tables, but this is mostly pictures without a full on plan included. Could be helpful none the less 🙂

If you are interested in another Ikea hack sewing table rather than making one yourself from scratch, I noticed that the Badskirt blog has one too. Again, it is very detailed and has photos of many of the steps they went through. But not a full fine woodworking plan as such 🙂

In the search for full woodworking plans for a sewing table, I came across another one from Ana White that I missed before. This one seems to have it all. Full instructions, shopping list and plans! Nice one Ana White. The only negative is it is made out of plywood, so might seem a bit cheap.

Youtube Based Sewing Table Plans

The internet search went pretty well. Now lets see what Youtube has to offer!!

Luckily, we have some really excellent walkthrough tutorials (that don’t look like they were filmed on a potato to boot!), I just wish that more Youtubers would include full plans with their woodworking videos 🙂

Memphis Applegate comes first with a truly excellent walkthrough (woodworking masterclass, if you will) of a sewing cabinet he made. This really feels like one of the best pieces of fine woodworking I have ever seen in the form of a sewing table 🙂 Over two videos, Memphis Applegate will show you the whole process over about 40 minutes!

Dot Bear Woodworking follow up with a video that would be better for those with short attention spans (as it only lasts for around five minutes!!), where a DIY sewing table build is shown and detailed. At the start, you might even be able to grab a screenshot and zoom in to use that as your plan. Shame they don’t somehow include this for you 🙂

Go Make that DIY Sewing Table 🙂

By using both the internet based and Youtube plans, you should be able to come up with a hybrid fine woodworking sewing table of your own.

But if you are keen on woodworking and don’t want to spend hours scouring the internet for plans like I do, I would recommend you take a look at buying a batch of ready-made woodworking plans. The one I would recommend has around 16000 plans in it at the time of writing. Never look for woodworking plans again 🙂 Go take a look at their official website to find out more yourself.

Have a great day fellow woodworkers 🙂