Shipping Container Tiny House Tour! 160sqft w/ Endless View!

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The shipping container tiny house is an innovative alternative to traditional construction. Not only can a shipping container house be built in a fraction of the time, but it also provides a unique opportunity to learn construction skills and an escape from city life (at the same time!). The idea of building a tiny house in a shipping container has been around for some time, but it’s become more popular recently because it can be done with little start up money and means you no longer have to worry about paying off a massive mortgage 🙂

I’m a big fan of small-space living, and this tiny house tour in Rising Fawn Georgia certainly gets me excited about it. It’s a 160sqft shipping container based tiny house, but it’s got lots of unique features that make it a great place to live. If you’re interested in tiny houses and this kind of living, the video above is a great way to learn more about them (thanks Levi Kelly).

I know that a lot of people are thinking “160sqft? This guy is nuts!” However, I assure you that no matter what size container you decide to build your house with, it can be done well. No matter the size of the container, the good news is that you can achieve a very livable space inside that container. Hopefully this video will give you some suggestions to help you figure out what size to build your tiny house with.