My Quest to Find Free Wooden Lighthouse Plans!

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Today I am on a quest to find wooden lighthouse plans for free! A lot of places on the internet claim to have them, so today I am going to test them out so you don’t have to! There is nothing worse than being sent on a wild goose chase around the internet trying to find free woodworking plans!

Just a heads up before we begin, I have a set of woodworking plans that I actually pay for. They’re super handy because they save me a lot of time searching around the internet. If you want to take a look, you can find them by clicking HERE.

Why Do I Want a Wooden Lighthouse Plan?

At first, you might think that I am talking about helping out my community by building a lifesize wooden lighthouse on my local coastline, after all early lighthouses were made of wood. But actually I am talking about a recent trend of making garden lighthouses!

A wooden garden lighthouse or lawn lighthouse is a great way to add a great aesthetic to your garden. Many gardeners look for a way to add a little extra flair to their yard, and the best way to achieve this is by installing a wooden garden lighthouse. The wonderful thing about this is that you can use it year after year with very little maintenance. That’s the beauty of decorative lighthouses!

Now I just need to find a woodworking plan to get my DIY journey started! Lawn lighthouse plans to be exact! Let’s go!!

Internet Based Plans

I have to say that, when compared with my recent attempts to find a free wooden rocking horse plan, doing the same for a garden lighthouse gave me a serious case of Dejavu! There is so much spam on the internet around free wood working plans, its ridiculous!

My journey didn’t start well, as a Pinterest pin claiming to give me free lighthouse plans actually turned out to be for bookcases! Not a great start, right!!

Then it didn’t get much better…. Yes, I found some web pages talking about building garden lighthouses, but not offering any free plans even though they often have this in the title of their Pinterest post! Spam content at it’s finest.

This is kind of why I want to make these blog posts, so that I can do this leg work instead of you, saving you some time! Time is money after all right!!

I then found some pages that promised free wooden lighthouse plans, but all the links led to inactive websites. Get prepared to see this alot!!

The only plans I could find were paid ones, usually asking around $15 for just one wooden lighthouse plan, which seemed rather steep to me! Especially when I know how to get a pack of over 16000 plans for not much more! (more on that later) It would have to be a pretty epic singular plan for that $15!!

Youtube Based Plans

Youtube can be a great place to get step-by-step guides on building woodworking projects, but just be aware that most of them don’t usually come with woodworking plans. You would have to work this out for yourself after watching the video.

If you can get over the pretty poor video editing, the first video below actually offers an excellent step-by-step way to build a wooden garden lighthouse.

This next video is pretty good too, but just be aware the plans they link in the description are similar to the overpriced single plans talked about above.

I saved the best for last. This video is part of an extensive and detailed walkthrough series on how to build a garden wooden lighthouse. It doesn’t come with any downloadable plans, but you should have a pretty good idea what to do after watching this video series.

These videos might not come with illustrated plans or anything, but they are great to show off fun outdoor woodworking projects such as this. You don’t really get that from a dry downloadable plan 🙂

What Do I Recommend?

I am quickly finding out with this woodworking hobby that good free woodworking plans are hard to come by, to say the least. And on top of that, most people charge $15 for one single plan. The pack of 16000 downloadable woodworking plans I was talking about earlier is only 3 times the cost of one of those plans and you have enough woodworking plans to last you a lifetime. To find out about these plans yourself, you can go over to their official site by clicking HERE.

Hopefully, your quest to find free wooden lighthouse plans will be better than mine! Happy woodworking! There is nothing better than an attractive lawn lighthouse in my book!