Finding FREE Plans for a Writing Slope [Woodworking 101]

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Well, here we are again, another day, another search for free woodworking plans! This time I am on a quest to find free woodworking plans for a writing slope. If you still write letters by hand, you will know that a good writing slope makes this whole process way more comfortable. They look cool sat on your desk too! A handy bonus in my book. So let’s see if we can find some free plans for one….

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Internet Based Writing Slope Plans

As usual, my first stop is to scour the internet for free woodworking plans. I am hoping that Google is going to be able to come up trumps for me, like it did when I was searching for toilet roll holder plans! Fingers firmly crossed!

At first I stumbled across a site called (let’s hope they live up to their name!!). I have to say, when I first landed on the page, I saw the dreaded empty image (you know when someone has linked to an image that is now long gone), but thankfully all was not lost. This turned out to be a simple plan aggregator site, and some of the free writing slope plans were still available and pretty solid examples.

Not a bad start, my hope is raised somewhat 🙂

Next I landed on a site titled Woodworking Business; let’s hope they are in the business of making good plans 🙂 They have a beautiful looking featured image at the top of the page, so I thought I was in for a good read this time. However, on further inspection, it turns out that this is simply another aggregator plan site, almost exactly like the first one. They have just spruced it up with a nice image at the top! Ingenious!

If you would expect any site to have tip top plans for this project, it would be a site with the words ‘writing’ and ‘slope’ in the name. And my initial impressions were amazing. Detailed step by step photos showing the whole process that someone (apparently called Dan) went through to build a writing slope. The downside is that the plans Dan used were all in his head. Unfortunately, with current technology this means we cannot download them 🙂 Who knows in the future!

Even with a lack of actual physical plans, I would still highly recommend anyone thinking of woodworking a writing slope to take a look at this site. You will learn a lot from the instructions, if nothing else.

Unfortunately, that would be the end of our search engine based writing slope plan journey! We were only left with frankly ‘BS’ sites that were from a much spammier era of the internet than I care to remember!

So, onto YouTube…..

YouTube Based Writing Slope Plans

YouTube is often surprisingly good these days for woodworking plans, and let’s hope that today we can strike gold!

The search starts badly though, with someone trying to pull a weird marketing trick on us. They have scheduled a live stream of a writing slope plan for months in the future, which I am guessing will never actually happen. I don’t know why YouTube allows such things on their platform, and I don’t know what ‘Mr. Wood Wor King’ is trying to achieve 🙂

It’s stuff like this that makes the internet world feel like the Wild West at times! Next up I found a guy called ‘Character Red Workshop’ on YouTube, and the initial impression was good. Then, I saw that the length of his video was under four minutes. There is literally no way anyone can give you a full plan for a writing slope in that amount of time.

Sure enough, after watching the video it turns out it is just a walkthrough of the process gone through to make a wooden writing slope, but with no specifics or dimensions really discussed in any details. You would be much better off with the blog post above, frankly. And a quick look in the description of the video doesn’t show any link to a plan either. After some of the epic videos I have soon when researching other plans on YouTube, this one is somewhat of a dissapointment.

And I am afraid that’s your lot for YouTube writing slope plans! No more woodworkers to be found, only antique dealers talking until the cows come home! I have to say, YouTube has let me down on this one.

In general, it seems finding a decent free plan for a writing slope is a pretty dang hard thing to achieve. It’s a good job we at least have the detailed walkthrough blog to at least give us some guidance, even if it lacks a physical plan.

This search highlights how hard it can be to find good quality plans on the interweb. This is why I like to recommend a paid pack of plans that has literally thousands of woodworking plans in one place. I would rather spend a little money and save some time scouring the internet. Time is money, as they say. If you want to check out this pack of plans I recommend you can click HERE to see them on their official website.