Best FREE Curio Cabinet Woodworking Plans [ON THE NET]

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It is easy to find the perfect curio cabinet woodworking plans in this article. These plans are free and provide an excellent way for woodworkers to tackle making their own curio cabinet. We have trawled the internet to find these plans so you don’t have to. There are many dead links out there when it comes to finding free woodworking plans 🙂 Trust me, I have to deal with them on a daily basis!! Anyway, to find the best FREE curio cabinet woodworking plans around, please read on 🙂

For busy woodworkers tired of endless searching for woodworking plans, I suggest my preferred pack of woodwork plans. While it requires payment, it offers over 10,000 plans in one place for around $50-60. This is a significant savings compared to individual plans that can cost $15-30 each. It’s a valuable resource that saves time. Take a look HERE.

Best Internet Based Plans

First stop (as usual) is our old friends over at Google. Even though they have created the best search engine on the planet, it’s still not easy to sort through the garbage to get to the gold. The holy grail of free woodworking plans 🙂

When it comes to curio cabinet woodwork plans, I got a bit over-excited when I saw that Wood Magazine has an article titled ‘Corner Curio Cabinet Woodworking Plan’. Surely they will give us one of those high-quality plans we need. What I had failed to spot at first glance, though, was the absence of the word ‘free’ in this article, and it turns out they want almost $15 for one single curio cabinet plan. Shame – let’s move on 🙂

If you need any reminders of how hard it can be to find free woodworking plans online, this search is one of them. I kept finding sites like the one pictured below, that have a lovely picture of a curio cabinet with a ‘download plan now’ button (or similar), only to find it is a dead link!! I think this search is going to be one of my hardest yet!!

I then try out a website called Free Woodworking Plan that promises a free curio cabinet plan, only to find out it is actually just a 3D CAD drawing which gives about as much guidance on building one of these cabinets as a wet lettuce 🙂 Where are these free plans at! Lol!!

After passing a few more paid plan sites, I finally managed to find the ONLY provider of a free curio cabinet woodworking plan to be found on the search engines! Take a bow Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement, today you are our one and only saviour 🙂

Finally, a free curio cabinet plan, and the plan itself is half decent. It is web page based, with decent instructions and a cut list and material list. The actual plan is a bit small and pixelated, but you can just about make out enough to use it as a woodworker 🙂

We finally found a free plan on Google, let’s hope that YouTube has more to discover!!

Best YouTube Based Plans

To be honest, my search didn’t go too well. I don’t know what the deal is with curio cabinets, but they seem to be the rarest unicorns on the internet when it comes to decent woodworking plans. I found so many videos which have no narration and no physical plan (or even any kind of material list) given. You literally watch someone making a curio cabinet with very little else. A decent woodworker could probably get something out of watching these, but a newbie woodworker is going to need more. Below is an example of just one of these videos I found.

Here’s another one. I think this video is more aimed at the people buying finished curio cabinets than the people who want to make one themselves in their garage or something 🙂 Maybe you are posh and have a workshop 🙂

To be honest, I was starting to lose the will to live as this search has gone on. Finally, I managed to find something from YouTube channel Jay Bates. Alright, he made a guitar display case, but this could still be used as a guide to make other types of curio cabinets. You could custom build in some of your own shelves and voila! This is pretty much the best you are going to get for free today, trust me!

And this YouTube video is backed up by a web-based plan that is decent, too. It is detailed and comes with all the measurements you will need. After spending so long firing blanks in this search, I am happy to finally hit something half decent 🙂

Wow, that had to be one of the hardest free woodworking plan searches I have ever done. I think I need to go and have a lay down now!!

When you see the likes of Wood Magazine selling woodworking plans for almost $15 a pop, it makes me realize how much I like buying my plans in packs. It’s way cheaper, and it means I have all the plans I need. No more searching around for hours to find a free plan and no more paying $15 a plan (or sometimes more). If you want to visit the official website of the woodworking plan pack I currently recommend, you can click HERE.