How to Find Sewing Table Woodworking Plans [FOR FREE]

sewing table fine woodworking plans

Today I am going on yet another ‘epic’ woodworking plan search, but today we are looking for sewing table woodworking plans. Will this be as easy as finding grandfather clock fine woodworking plans or as hard as finding a good candy cart plan?? Let’s find out together! Before we start, I have a paid pack … Read more

The Ultimate Wooton Desk Plans [FREE?]

free wooton desk plan

If you’re planning to build a desk from scratch this weekend, I’ve got the perfect plans for you. The Wooton Desk is an elegant, functional desk that’s fully customizable with a variety of different sized drawers and cubbies for all of your gear. Today I will search the internet for the best (hopefully free) Wooton … Read more

Finding Grandfather Clock Plans [Fine Woodworking]

free grandfather clock plans

People have been building clocks for thousands of years, and none better than the classic grandfather clock. After being mesmerized by the pendulum and enchanted by the chime, you will be hooked 🙂 Not just your bog standard wall clocks, a grandfather clock will wow your guests. What a perfect woodworking project 🙂 Today we … Read more

My Quest to Find Free Wooden Lighthouse Plans!

wooden lighthouse plans free

Today I am on a quest to find wooden lighthouse plans for free! A lot of places on the internet claim to have them, so today I am going to test them out so you don’t have to! There is nothing worse than being sent on a wild goose chase around the internet trying to … Read more

Fine Woodworking Rocking Horse Plans [WHERE TO FIND?]

fine woodworking rocking horse plans

There are many kinds of woodworking. Some are easier than others, and some require more time and effort. Some require more skill than others. But some of them are definitely more fun than others. One of those would be the rocking horse. It’s a wooden toy project that doesn’t require much skill but can be … Read more

Free Woodworking Plans for a Candy Cart [GUIDE]

free candy cart woodworking plan

You always wanted a candy cart for your business (or pleasure) but didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. Well, you can now make your own candy cart for cheap without the expense of hiring a carpenter or pro woodworker to build it. All you need is woodworking tools, a power drill, and some … Read more